We Create And Provide

Next Gen Global Solutions And Digital Experiences With Best Minds

Plenosys works with global small to medium businesses and enterprises to benefit innovations for future at scale for their business impact. We are driven by global expertise with next generation technologies to create greatest digital customer experiences for our customers.

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Welcome To Plenosys

We create, build and grow global innovative products and solutions for our customers worldwide driving innovations and customer experiences at scale for their business impact.


Create products and solutions for our customers and their business growth with the help of our best minds and expertise.


Build each viable product and solution coupled with our execution using all the emerging technologies and our digital expertise.


Grow each product and solution for scale, business impact, new experiences and returns on investments in shortest amount of time.

Our Technologies

We work on next generation emerging technologies to create products and solutions for our customers globally with higest ROI in shortest time.

Artificial Intelligence & Data

AI, Machine & Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Big Data & Analytics.


Blockchain Platforms for various verticals and Virtual Currencies.

Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed reality based immersive experiences.


Disruptive Automation technologies and platforms for shortest time to delivery, lowest cost and highest ROI.


Emerging and Intelligent secured platforms for protecting your assets, infrastructure and IP.

Autonomous Objects

Autonomous vehicles, Drones, Autonomous Flying objects, Self Serving Products.

Our Themes

We are focussing on emerging areas of digital themes, to create best experience and bigger impact on customer lives.

Digital Enterprise & XaaS

Creating for New Digital Cognitive Enterprises via Everything as a Service Model.

Robotics & Automation

Robotics with Automation Driven Offerings to bring in effeciency, productivity and creativity.

Connected Devices

Creating for next 50+ billion connected internet devices and IOT.

Big Data

Data visualisation, mining, analytics and prescreptive intelligence.


Creating for changing internet behavior and needs of next generation consumer lives.

API & Integrations

New World of API and Integrations Technologies over Cloud.

Our Strategic & Execution Value

We bring in the best of innovations, people, accelerators, technology, platforms, partnerships, strategy, with financial growth execution & professional experience for creating multiple and repeatable solutions at scale.


We are driven by innovation mindset applying newer ways of solving global problems and customer needs.


We are passionate to create world class products with high quality customer experiencedesigned to create meaningful impact on customer lives.


We apply latest breed of technologies for solving biggest problems bringing in transparency, effeciency and productivity for customers.


We create every product and solution with a single minded focus on your business growth making for highest ROI.


Our team is formed to help meet growth and scale demands of all your products and solutions in a very agile and lean fashion.


We have brilliant people with a strong delivery capability, for high quality digital solutions creations fully integrated with your company.

Get in touch - Ready for creating next gen digital products and solutions

Contact our brilliant minds to get started now. We guarantee best customer experience for your solutions we create.

Our Verticals Areas

We focus on enterprise and small to medium business ecosystem to create global products and solutions enabled by next generation technologies and people across verticals for variety of horizontals like sales, marketing, customer service, recruitment, business processes, commerce, logistics and more.

About Plenosys

Plenosys is formed to create next generation innovative products and solutions for our global customers with scalable business and impact designed for best customer experiences.

Plenosys is working on a global mission to build disruptive products and solutions with our unique expertise and delivery capabilities for our customers.

  • Focussing on global customer problems and needs.
  • Looking for solving bigger customer problems.
  • Creating world class products and solutions.
  • Utilising emerging technologies for business impact.
  • Working with global teams and entrepreneural spirits.
  • Creating meaningful impact on your customer lives.
  • Enabling new world of strategic solution services.
  • Global talent on emerging technologies.
  • Powered by brightest people in the world.
  • Innovating for your new business sustainability and growth.

Our Partners

We are working with global partners in technology, platforms, open source & products ecosystem.



Expanding globally to create a new customer experience ecosystem for our customers.

Coming Soon

Interested? We are hiring.

We are looking for innovative minds and teams to create next generation products and solutions for our customers across the globe.